Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Budding Addiction

Meet Serena Stone, budding fashion stylist.

one mention in vogue was all it took to pique my curiosity. i think fans of online shopping may already know for its extensive range of designer labels, but what really got me going was the stylebook application that allows you to pull any item available on their website to create your own personal look.

before i knew it, i was adding giuseppe shoes, throwing on stella mccartney jackets and spritzing prada perfume (all virtually of course, but still very very fun nonetheless), and this - ladies and ladies, is the very first look that i came up with.

this could well become an all-consuming addiction. maybe i'll try to control myself by creating just one look a day?


  1. you may wanna check out in this case. for no particular reason i can recall, i registered an account last year and only played around with it on a few occasions. it's addictive but very time consuming!! my eyes kinda glazed over after looking at one too many creations. but i enjoy those articles and fashion blogs once in a while, i think u will too. :D

  2. okay will take a look : )
    but you know, you're right when you say it's time-consuming. i wonder how other people can come up wth so many fashion spreads! bet they are doodling at work *snigger*
    by the way, i am having people comment on my creations! their feedback is making the site even more addictive for me...