Sunday, December 30, 2007

Out With The Old

And so we've trundled past the final days of 2007 and stumbled into the new year.
2007: the year of bad leggings and the inexplicable rise of granny tights to the fashion forefront, of bad girls of pop like britney, lindsay and amy winehouse careening out of control in the most public of ways, of rihanna's drive-you-nuts "ela ela ela eh eh eh" song and celebrities adopting even more babies.
on a more sober note, we saw continuing instablity in iraq, gross violence closer to home in myanmar, dozens of floods and catastrophes and pakistan capping the year with benazir bhutto's assassination just last week.
2007 also bore testament to my spending yet another year as an attached single. since ken left last january, i've squeezed in three trips to japan, gotten myself on the monbusho to okinawa and proven that my research objectives were worth them giving me a free place in university.
in addition, i've succeeded in buying my very first laptop, being given an ipod (hey, this IS a milestone) and psyching myself up for my virgin wisdom teeth extraction. and oh, flunking my driving test in december (which really stinks).
it's been a year well spent and i'm happy. while i could have done better for the driving bit, i managed everything else i told myself i would do.
and for living the year working towards to a stable future with ken, i give myself a big pat on the back.
some random wishes i would like to make for the new year:
1. lets drop the tights and leggings and go back to proper clothing, shall we?
2. and please, no more celebs with victoria beckham's obscenely overhyped bob.
3. will channel u stop showing so many korean dramas so some timeslots may be reserved for japanese programmes instead?
4. go green (and really mean what we say)!
5. more tolerance, peace, understanding and restraint amongst peoples, religions and countries. and the alleviation of inequality, discrimination, bigotry, poverty, violence and everything else that makes us less humane than we ought to be.
6. more quality time with ken. we have to make up for lost opportunities.
7. success in my new life path as a student. here's to groundbreaking research!