Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Bridezilla is Back!

This is possibly a very funny thing to contemplate, but there are so many pretty dresses in the world and only one wedding in every girl's life. imagine the gravity of the situation. pick the wrong dress and you'll never get a second go again.

bingeing on creamy confections on now that i can afford more time for meaningless surfing on the internet. reem acra takes the cake for autumn 2010. her dresses are light, fluffy and above all, ethereal.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Squeezed Like Blood From a Stone

I'm very probably belittling childbirth here, but I seriously think that if I can give birth to this, I can pop at least five real babies.

wanted to take a picture of my baby but there were people in the room so i thought it'll look stupid (will post some shots later when i get it back for further corrections.)

here are my baby's vital statistics:

date and time of birth: 18th jan 2010, 11.28am
weight: 109 pages, 171,930 words, 5,245 lines and 1,169 paragraphs
sex: feminist girl
name: 沖縄におけるフェミニズムの新しい可能性を探って―「杣山訴訟」の事例からみるフェミニズムの多様性と交差性

hell, if i can do this, i can even climb mt. everest with five kids and a husband in tow.