Tuesday, April 01, 2008


It is 18 degrees in Taipei and it seems as if I’m the only one wearing slippers in the entire airport.
There’s another three hours to my connecting flight to Okinawa, and I’m typing this at a transit café I always come to whenever I transit in Taipei.
It all still seems extremely surreal. It feels as if I’ll only be gone for a month at most, that I won’t be setting up home miles away from Singapore. I tried my very best not to cry at the airport but couldn’t help myself in the end. I give myself a pat on the back for at least containing the sob floods though.
On a whim I wore the same shirt I did on my first trip to Okinawa. For some reason I wanted to commemorate this little personal victory. I gave my all and fought really hard for this. Five years on, I find myself making the same journey, passing through the same airports, going through the same unnerving range of emotions. It’s almost like coming full circle.
I do hope I make the right decisions this time. This is a leap of faith for me, and I’m praying I won’t be disappointed.
There has to be a way that all of this could be worked out.