Sunday, June 12, 2011

We're Famous!

Imagine my surprise when I saw this on TV.

five old japanese men collectively known as SMAP (one of the biggest boybands in japan) having a good time at our very own MBS.

smap shot a series of commercials (four in total i think) in singapore for softbank, one of japan's fastest growing cellular phone companies thanks to their monopoly over the sale of iphones in japan, cheap subscription plans and ads featuring a white dog as the father of a very dysfunctional family.

watch for the end of the commercial...the merlion gets turned into mr. white dog!

here's another one:

and here's one of the white dog and his off-kilter family:

Thursday, June 09, 2011

Summer's Here!

The sweltering heat is back.

the best part? the green mobile's air-con isnt working so the both of us sweat like pigs every time we sit in the car.

that aside, it's the third week of work and so far things are pretty interesting. although it's only a part-time job, i help administer scholarships and summer exchange programmes at the university's foreign students' centre and the work isnt repetitive, which is something that i like. plus i get time for myself in the afternoon since i leave work at 3.30pm every day. it's my idea of a good compromise between earning some pocket money and still having the leisure of spending (late) afternoons at home.

just this afternoon, i was on my way home from dropping ken off to a work dinner when i decided to make a quick detour to the department store.

the following is what happens when i am left to my own devices. two belts of the same design in two different colours. i just got too tired trying to figure out which colour to buy.

just allow me to say this: hurray to pocket money!!