Thursday, October 15, 2009

Caution: Spoiler Ahead!

Everyone knows about the new SATC sequel, but if the buzz around the movie is anything to go by, the new installment might be disappointing for some fans.

apparently, big loses a huge chunk of cash from the financial turmoil after the crash of lehmann brothers and the result is some unhealthy spousal squabble between the finally-weds.

charlotte walks out on harry with her two daughters after she accuses him of having an affair with their new nanny.

miranda, on the other hand, quits partner at the law firm after getting embroiled in a breach of privacy issue at work and tries to set up a restaurant with steve.

and samantha might end up in UAE with a new foreign lover.

side-plot wise, carrie's all-time gay friend stanford might just be marrying anthony, charlotte's two-time wedding planner.

a lot of meat for the new film, but i really dont want to see miranda quitting her job or big and carrie fighting again.

sometimes i wish they would just leave a good series as it is instead of subjecting the four women to a circus of tribulation. (and yes, i talk as if these women are real.)

more real-time SATC spoilers here.

Fashion Roadkill

You know, we've all had days like these.
a quick run to the supermarket or gas station beckons so we run out of the house barefaced, oily skin and blemishes exposed, with an untidy ponytail and mismatched clothing to boot. we think to ourselves: who cares what other people think? it's just five minutes and no one even looks anyway.

then we find ourselves wanting to shrink into nothingness when a perfectly coiffed, groomed and attired lady stands behind us at the checkout counter, smelling of roses and waiting to pay for her organic tea and plain yoghurt while we're lugging a huge basket of frito lays, instant noodles and a family-sized carton of ice cream.
and if instead of the lady there had been a gorgeous man queueing behind us, we'd be feeling a lot more sorry for ourselves.

looks like lindsay is having one of my days:

change of topic but this is what alexander mcqueen came up with for new york fashion week recently.
if not for the legs sticking out from those things i wouldnt have known they were shoes.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Thought the nice people who read my blog might like a look at my life as it unfolds.

here's a picture of my work desk right in the heat of action:

most people know that i love my chicken, and when stress levels climb, the girl must find ways to get her mitts on some good poultry.

here is what i made for dinner last night:

there were six wings in total and i finished them all!!

Friday, October 09, 2009

If We Lived in a Perfect World...

I would say yes when you tell me you want to move somewhere far away.

And you would leave with me too if I chose to go away.

No one gets left behind. In a perfect world, that is.


Last night I dreamed of someone I havent met in the longest time.

we were almost best friends in secondary school. by "almost" i mean i wasnt meant to be her BFF because she was already promised to another. the realization that we were never going to be exclusive best friends upset me and made me jealous of the other girl, who was naturally, as do most stories go, bright, talented and popular.

but we were close. and she shared with me the details of her every crush, the one where she fell in love with the back view of a boy she happened to be on a tour bus with while she was holidaying in indonesia with her family being the most memorable of all.

i was always at her house, an apartment in geylang with its very own elevator landing that opened up into the living room. she had a poodle named alpha, and while i was never a big fan of poodles i cried along with her when alpha died.

she loved keanu reeves and boyzone, so we watched every movie that keanu reeves starred in and i listened while she raved about the latest boyzone single.

then when we left secondary school, she started a relationship with a boy she met every morning in the train on her way to junior college and i met my first boyfriend in school. we were young and didnt know anything about juggling priorities in love, school and friendship, so we drifted apart.

for the next six or seven years our contact was reduced to the random phone call, the rare text message. she quit JC and switched to polytechnic while i entered university. from there, our paths forked.

a year before i was to come to okinawa, she asked me out to dinner. it turned out that her relationship with her divorced boss crumbled when he fell for the new secretary, and she was looking to rebuild her friendships, which she said she had neglected over the past years. but for some reason, dinner didnt blossom into a resurrected friendship and until today, i still dont know why we never became more than almost-best friends.

ten years on and we've moved on to new friendships and new lives. last night's dream reminded me of how straightforward everything used to be. perhaps it's because i've forgotten what it's like to think simple. or maybe it's because some friendships dont last past a certain expiry date.

in any case, i do hope she is doing fine.

Saturday, October 03, 2009


If anyone knows what the phrase "living your life" actually means, I'd be more than happy to find out.

open to suggestions on how to "life my life" without worrying about money, separation, unfulfilled promises or broken dreams.