Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Nagging Feeling

Think I am on a blogging roll today.

am tuned into yahoo music right now and came across this new video from beyonce. maybe the song's already getting heavy airplay back home, but i have no means of telling.

sometimes i really do feel like how the song goes.

and somehow when i was looking at pictures from the wedding, i couldnt shake the nagging feeling that maybe it wouldnt be happening to me.

To Teresa and Alvin

Hope the lovebirds are loving Paris.

it was a supreme shame that i couldn't be there for the wedding (every inch of me was dying to be teleported back to singapore though) but i saw the pictures and i know it must have been wonderful because i am having this nice, warm, fuzzy feeling inside right now.
the bride was completely stunning. elegant gown with a simple veil, a lovely pair of earrings and her trademark smile.

i have always loved teresa for her calm and tranquility. her feathers get ruffled every once and again, but she rarely has anything unkind to say about the people around her. the first time i saw her in my japanese tutorial lesson, i thought she was beautiful.

if i were alvin i'd be feeling like the biggest man on earth too.

congratulations my dears! between the two of you i see the miracles that love can do. and now, life can only get better and sweeter.

here are some pictures from the wedding:

the very creative poem alvin was made to write for his bride.

Life's Biggest Questions Part One

I think I am suffering from premature dementia.

in the past two months i have succeeded in:

1. misplacing my birthday ring
2. losing my ATM card
3. leaving the key to the naha apartment in the rental car i was driving
4. forgetting my phone a grand total of four times

this is so not me. could this be a sign of deteriorating brain activity?

hoping for some brain stimulation, i have decided to ponder some of life's biggest questions.

1. why do japanese men shave their eyebrows?
2. why are so many japanese ladies bow-legged?
3. why do bus and train drivers in japan speak in nasal tones?


Thursday, October 09, 2008

Life's Greatest Mysteries Part One

It's 30 degrees in Okinawa but I guess it must be snowing somewhere on campus because I am surrounded by girls decked out in autumn/winter gear.
of my years living in japan, i can never seem to get over how the girls here dress. no doubt that the japanese ladies are extremely in tune with the biggest fashion trends, but the way they adhere so strictly (to the point of being fastidious) to the seasons and the dictations of fashion magazines borders on mild insanity.
i was stepping out of the library togged in a singlet, jeans and slippers when this girl in knee-high boots, a knit dress and a thick scarf breezed past me. there i was, squinting under the glare of the sun and debating whether i should use an umbrella when she trotted up the stairs in her getup.
if we were right in the middle of winter (which is pretty mild in okinawa by the way), i would have given her outfit an appreciative second glance. but of course all she got from me was my slack jaw.
no matter the actual temperature outdoors, the japanese fashion bible requires its followers to dress according to the months of the calendar. if it is the end of september, you'd have to eschew the shorts and slippers for thick jackets and boots. you may sweat under your scarf but there is no way you can commit the fashion faux pas of not following the seasons. likewise, even if you are trembling from the cold in 8-degree sapporo in april, it is necessary that you wear your flowery spring skirts and thin cardigans. why? because the calendar says it's already spring!
and then there are the gladiator sandals (big hit this summer but it made everyone's legs look stumpy) and spandex tights under denim mini skirts and shorts, along with suspenders intentionally left unbuckled on one side. i simply dont get it. whatever happened to "wear what you look good in" or just plain old common sense?
as for me, i shall stick to my singapore getup until the thermometer tells me it's time to step into my boots.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

A Hallmark Moment

We were driving home from Okinawa City when I experienced a Hallmark moment.
it had been raining and traffic was heavy, and as we passed Chatan we came across a car that had ran up against the central divider. the young female driver must have been speeding when she skidded on the rain-slicked road, but apart from badly tousled hair she didnt appear to have suffered any injury.
one by one passing cars slowed on both sides of the roads and the drivers got out, hurrying to the scene of the accident. at first i couldnt really comprehend what was going on, but ken motioned me to stop and promptly alighted as well.
by then the crowd of people had swelled significantly and everyone had their hands on the car, struggling to heave it back onto the road.
i havent been driving for very long so i dont know if this happens a lot, but the spontaneous way in which these drivers came together to help really warmed my heart.
then i began to wonder if singaporeans would do the same, because at times i feel that we tend to hold back when help is required. singaporeans are supremely generous when it comes to charity events and television fundraisers, but somehow we seem to lack the spontaneity it takes to lend a helping hand. perhaps it's because we fear the possible rejection and embarrassment, but the incident last night reminded me that giving help is really about a natural instinct to make things better.

Thursday, October 02, 2008