Thursday, October 15, 2009

Caution: Spoiler Ahead!

Everyone knows about the new SATC sequel, but if the buzz around the movie is anything to go by, the new installment might be disappointing for some fans.

apparently, big loses a huge chunk of cash from the financial turmoil after the crash of lehmann brothers and the result is some unhealthy spousal squabble between the finally-weds.

charlotte walks out on harry with her two daughters after she accuses him of having an affair with their new nanny.

miranda, on the other hand, quits partner at the law firm after getting embroiled in a breach of privacy issue at work and tries to set up a restaurant with steve.

and samantha might end up in UAE with a new foreign lover.

side-plot wise, carrie's all-time gay friend stanford might just be marrying anthony, charlotte's two-time wedding planner.

a lot of meat for the new film, but i really dont want to see miranda quitting her job or big and carrie fighting again.

sometimes i wish they would just leave a good series as it is instead of subjecting the four women to a circus of tribulation. (and yes, i talk as if these women are real.)

more real-time SATC spoilers here.

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